TRAVEL | The Most Romantic Cities in Latin America

TRAVEL | The Most Romantic Cities in Latin America

The Most Romantic Cities in Latin America

Shady hills, old houses of cheerful colors, beautiful Catholic cathedrals, affable harbors with shimmering turquoise waves, narrow streets – all this is the cities of Latin America that keep the memory of the colonial past and go to the future with big steps.


Do you think that the most beautiful places of Latin America are Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires? No. We will show you the other 5 cities in South America that you should visit. The article is based on the opinion of the lovers of traveling in some countries.

 1. Salvador, Brazil 

Salvador is the third largest city of Brazil. In the old central areas of Salvador, you may see many buildings built when the Portuguese were strengthening their borders. | Also Read |  “7 Tempat Wisata di Indonesia untuk Pecinta Pemandangan Bawah Laut”

In the Upper Town, in addition to monuments of architecture, there are a lot of important institutions (some of them are also located in historical buildings), museums, and temples.

In the Lower Town, you will make a unique shopping trip, descending to the center of shopping centers on an unusual form of transport – a passenger



 2. Lima, Peru 

This city is the capital of Peru. It was the richest city of Latin America.

Nowadays the treasures of ancient civilizations, exhibited in the National Museum and the Larco Museum, are one of the main motivations for tourists.

And also there is another excellent “bait” – gastronomic miracles, which are created in Lima by famous chefs (for example, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Gaston Acurio).

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The historical center of Lima is called the City of Kings. It fascinates with colonial architecture, the modern area of Miraflores beckons sun seekers and inveterate shopaholics, but Barranco is considered the most romantic place.

 3. Cusco, Peru 

Speaking of Peru, we can’t forget about the main attractions of the country, the sacred valley of Machu Picchu – the most impressive and well-preserved Inca ruins – evidence of a stunning pre-Columbian era.Despite the fact that Cusco is often crowded with tourists, it is still the most popular attraction. Therefore, before going to Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu, admire the fortresses, temples, mansions, and palaces in the Baroque and Renaissance style, starting from Plaza de Armas (the heart of Cusco and its central square).

In recent years, this city managed to get out of the shade of Lima and become a pearl of the country because everything in it (from the former Temple of the Sun to the delicious Andean cuisine) is very popular among travelers.

 4. Santiago, Chile 

The Chilean capital of Santiago seems a much more modern city compared to other cities of our top. It is a thriving metropolis with snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful galleries, and outstanding skyscrapers.The cozy restaurants prepare world-class food and offer excellent local wine. Exquisite boutiques will satisfy any shopaholic.

Located in the Maipo Valley, framed by the stunning Andes in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west, Santiago has withstood intrusions, earthquakes, dictatorships, which don’t prevent it from being one of the most popular cities in Latin America.

 5.Valparaiso, Chile 

Another pearl of Chile Valparaiso fades slightly compared to the popular among tourists city of Santiago, but it is in vain.Valparaiso is a very beautiful port city, which is easily accessible from the capital (about two hours drive). Bright colorful houses, surrealistically scattered on the slopes of the hill, is the visiting card of Valparaiso.

Due to the fact that the streets of Valparaiso fit between steep cliffs, rugged coastline and hills, there are many stairs and pedestrian narrow streets. But you can use funiculars and look at the city from above.

TRAVEL | The Most Romantic Cities in Latin America
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