Scooter Riding Gear Guide for Women

Scooter Gear Riding For Women

If you're addicted to riding your scooter to your workplace or to social events around town, chances are you're equally enthusiastic about feeling and looking good when you're on the go.

Whether you're a Honda, Vespa or Kawasaki owner, there's an abundance of gear out there on the market to suit your sweet ride and your personal style.


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Take a break from working on your motorcycle aftermarket mods and get into gear.

Here's a five-step head-to-toe guide designed with you and your fellow female scooter riders in mind.


  1. Head

Find the lid that fits your head's shape and size. Head shape is as important as size.

Get an ill-fitting helmet, and you can find yourself dealing with pressure points that leave you with a sore head and bad attitude.

Today's helmets from major manufacturers such as Bell, Fly Street, Sena and Skid Lid account for diverse head sizes and shapes. They also come in a range of contemporary and retro styles and designs.


  1. Torso, Back and Arms

Regardless of season or conditions, it's typically a great idea to reach for a jacket for the best protection for your torso, back and arms. Don't feel you've got to roast in summer, however.

Today's designers turn to perforated materials and vented features to create the best scooter riding gear that allows air to circulate and sweat to wick away from your skin.

From café racer to mid-length jackets, manufacturers like Alpinestars and Tour Master make sure you stay and look cool with a minimum of fuss!


  1. Hands

Gloves protect your hands during unfortunate spills.

If you literally hit the road, scraped-up hands and fingers are no fun.

Invest in a pair of riding gloves that protect you and promote your sense of style.

Leather, synthetic leather and polypropylene are just some of the materials manufacturers like Icon, Joe Rocket and Roland Sands use to create the gloves that are right for you and your riding conditions.


  1. Legs

Yes, your everyday jeans will do, but why not invest in a pair of pants that is protective and fashionable?

Alpinestars offers the best of both worlds with its Daisy Riding Jeans and its black leather Stella Vika Riding Pants.

AGV Sport, Tour Street and Fly Master are also on it when it comes to pants that protect and delight.


  1. Feet

If your hands getting scraped up on asphalt or gravel surfaces sounds painful, just imagine how your feet might feel after a spill.

At the very least, wear a closed-toe shoe that protects your toes and the tops, bottoms and soles of your feet.

Go for maximum protection with a product like TCX's Aura Plus Waterproof Boots or opt for lighter coverage with REV'IT!'s Emerald Riding Shoes.


      6. Gear Up

Hop onto bike retailers' websites today to stock up on the riding gear that suits your needs, budget and personal style.

With an abundance of incredible products to choose from, you just might want to spend those funds you set aside for your aftermarket and OEM motorcycle parts! Choices, choices.

Scooter Gear Riding For Women

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