(ENGLISH VERSION) IrresistibleMe Hair Clip – in Silky Light Brown’s Review & Photos

Believe it or not, a woman who breastfeed her baby has more hairfall than other women in general. I can give that statement because I experience it myself.
I have a serious hairfall problem which sometimes makes me feel embarrassed to let down my thin hair. Moreover, my hubby forbids me to cut my hair. So it was a hard situation for me, though.

But last week I got an early christmas gift which is an offering to review a hair clip product from “Irresistible me”! The offering really suits my need to have a stunning hair, thats why i called it ” an early christmas gift” 😏I chose “Silky Light Brown 24″ 200grams” hair clip and I had a deal on accepting this reviewing offer on Dec 8th 2015. And on Dec 12th 2015 (it just needs 4 days on DHL shipping. So fast, isnt it!) I got my dream hair
clip💁Before i continue to review this hair clip, let me introduce you to “IrresistibleMe” brand first.

IrresistibleMe is an American beauty stuffs brand which uses 100% human remy hair clip-in extensions. It also has many hair tools, hair care products and wigs.

This product is double wrapped. The first outer packaging is a black box with “IrresistibleMe” logo in front of it. The second is the inner packaging which is inside the box: a double zipper plastic. One of the zipper contains hair-clip sample which can be opened and tried first, while the other contains the whole hair-clip.


So when we try it and it doesnt match our hair colour, we can replace it with the other colour. But if the colour has already matched your hair, it’s okay to continue opening the whole hair-clip.


Disediakan 3 clip cadangan di dalam packaging

In my opinion, the packaging is good enough compared to the other hair-clip/wig products I bought before which is packed in a thick envelope paper. The “IrresistibleMe” double packaging eases me to store the hair-clip safely.




My lower hair’s colour is light brown, so I chose the “light brown” hair-clip. Unexpectedly, this hair-clip’s colour really does match my hair colour. Oh happy Me…Lucky Me… Syalalalala…






This “Silky Touch Hair Clip” is made of 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, which is the highest quality hair. It is good and suitbable to be used for hair extension, wig and hair clip.This hair clip is consists of 10 packs:
1 pack of 4 clips (7.5″)
2 packs of 3 clips (6″)
5 packs of 2 clips (4″)
2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)This hair clip is so soft, light and it feels like my own hair, making me forget that i am wearing a hair-clip😅


At first I was afraid to wear this hair clip outside of the house because i only used this kind of hair accesory just for the need of photoshoot. I was afraid of the hair falling off because of its weight and sometimes the this heavy weight is causing a headache. It would be funny if i were going out to the mall and being in a crowded lift and then my beautiful hair is acccidentally pulled off by someone and voilaa the hair-clip would fall down. What an embarrasing experience right?But fortunately, those kind of imaginations are not happening! I have tried to go out using this hair, holding my son who likes to touch my hair. This hair clip stays on its place, safely.

I really love this hair clip! Not only because it is soft and light, but also because it is easy to be fused with my real hair. This hair clip is so comfy to be used and so easy to be vised -the hair clip is so much easier to be vised than my real hair. 😅

IrresistibleMe Hair Clip – in Silky Light Brown
Length : 24’Weight : 200g
Price : 219 USD
Where To Buy :
 Made of high quality indian remy human hair
*Consists of many variants of colour and length, can be suit to our needs.
* Easy to be styled and colored.
* Very soft and light
* Easy and comfortable to be used
* The service is so friendly and it has fast response. (No need to be annoyed of waiting the shipping process)

* the price 😂  but for you who needs high quality hair clip for a show, party or another important event, I think this hair-clip is really reccomended 😊  And for you who have thin hair like me, this hair-clip is a great help to increase your hair volume, resulting a beautiful thick hair. You will be looked more beautiful and feel more confident, yippie!

Rating 4.5/5
More Info :
Facebook : @irresistiblemeofficial
Twitter : @IrresistibleMeO
Instagram : @Irresistibleme_Hair
Pinterest : IrresistibleMe
Google+ : IrresistibleMe

Do you like wearing a hairclip/wig? Where do you wear it? Do you feel interested on this “Irresistible Me” hair clip? I will be very glad reading your sharing in the comment box below 🙂
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post.
I would be very happy if you join me here 🙂


*This post contains PR samples.

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