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Hi all,

Tomorrow we are at the end of 2020, I wish you a Happy New Year 2021, I hope the next year will be even better and of course don't forget to always be excited to upgrade your skills.

It's been a long time since I wanted to be active on YouTube, create videos according to my hobby, talking about beauty reviews. But sometimes there are many reasons that makes me not to starts yet: A, B, C, D to Z. And until last week I received an offering from Photowall Sweden to review a mural / canvas that can be used as wallpaper / background.

I immediately thought well maybe this is the right time to start it over, to start makes videos on youtube. So I was so happyto choose what is the perfect background for my small studio room, where I have daily activities that need to be upgraded so I can be more productive and comfortable while working from home like now.

BAHASA Find The Birds In The Jungle Mural Background From PHOTOWALL SWEDEN 1

 About Photowall Sweden |

A Swedish Company website that provides various kinds of wall murals, canvas prints using environmentally friendly materials, and comes with good design and quality. Even if you want to use a picture or photo as a background mural, Photowall Sweden can really provide it.

There are lots of mural background choices with really good designs, it feels like a real one. I was so confused that I stopped by and looked at his Instagram @ photowall.sweden to find out, which wallpaper was the coolest.

And finally I stopped by the website and really wanted to choose a forest / forest mural background. Immediately you can imagine that there is a feeling of being more calm, quiet, fresh with a choice of shades of green trees.

After choosing for a little longer, yes, 1 hour more, I decided to choose "Find The Birds In The Jungle" to complete the room decoration that I will create into a mini studio, so happy

BAHASA Find The Birds In The Jungle Mural Background From PHOTOWALL SWEDEN 2


At first I thought it would take a long time to arrive, because the shipping from Sweden and hope to be worried if there will be taxes later lol. So at the beginning I already communicated to the Marketing Team of Photowall Sweden to state of my shipment was a gift. I didn't wait for a long time, only 4 days, my package had been arrived safely delivered by DHL, with no charge tax. Hurray!


The product package is also fairly small, 3 boxes measuring approximately 60 cm, 3 boxes consisting of:

  1. 1x 400 x 200 wallpaper (2 pieces)
  2. 1x Wallpaper Kit

Inside this wallpaper kit, there are tools for installing the mural background, there is powder glue, wallpaper brush, pencil, brush, cutter, tools for flattening a roll-shaped mural template (seam roller), as well as a trim guide.

Actually, when I got home I wanted to install it myself, I was already excited when I did the unboxing. The material is really good, high material goods and it is even claimed to be able to withstand sunlight, the color does not fade for outdoor use.

But it turns out you can't do it yourself, the wallpaper is 2 meters high, someone needs to hold it too so that the installation will have the great result. Thanks God, my husband wants to help 😊

How to Install:

  1. Cut the wallpaper using a cutter then sort according to the number for easy installation
  2. Mix powdered glue with 4 litres of waters
  3. Use a brush to apply glue to the wall
  4. You can also mark with the pencil, to make it more neat
  5. install the wallpaper according to the sequence number
  6. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry



BEFORE AFTER Find The Birds In The Jungle Mural Background From PHOTOWALL SWEDEN BEFORE


BEFORE AFTER Find The Birds In The Jungle Mural Background From PHOTOWALL SWEDEN BEFORE

So, here are the results:)

What do you think guys?

I really think the nuance in the middle of the trees, it looks real or maybe just like a painting, excellent!

Hopefully, with this new background, I can start to be active on YouTube 2021 amen!

So, if you are interested in trying this amazing wallpaper, you can go to their website: www.photowall.com or Instagram @ photowall_sweden ,and dont forget to get special price 25% off using my code liliglowlicious25

Maybe you want to start your youtube channel too on 2021 😊, Lets go for it


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See you in my next post Beauty Escaper 🙂

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