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Do you find yourself as a shopaholic? Or do you feel that you can't manage your money carefully? We can't deny that everybody loves discount and free stuffs. Yes, those stuffs can help us spending fewer  money  so  we  can  use  the  rest  of  the  money  for  saving  or  other  important things.

And here it is,! A website that provides you with thousands of coupons from your favourite restaurants, fashion brand and many more merchants.

Coupon is a way to spend less money on stuffs we want. 

Groupon was launched in November 2008, in Chicago. In October 2010, Groupon is available in more than 250 markets in North America and Europe, Asia and South America. Available in 28 countries, Groupon which is a short form of "Group Coupon" has connected thousands merchants and features many local and national discounted gift certificates. Many brands offers their products and services, such as Adidas, Orbitz, Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, JC Penny, BabiesRUs, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, Travelocity, Daniel Wellington, DKNY, Guess, Wallmart, ASOS, Canon and many more.

Usually I buy movie and body spa coupons in .  Beside that I also love to buy amusement park coupons for my children in the weekends. Using coupons from makes many transactions easier and faster. It is a comfortable thing to do, you just need to access the website directly from your phone :) What A Fun Lifestyle With Groupon!
So, what do you waiting for? You can go to and find many interesting coupons that may be useful for you. #GrouponCoupons #ad 

You can join groupon on Facebook and have fun with Groupon.

 Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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  1. love groupon, belum pernah mengecewakan. beberapa kali beli kupon yoga sama salon. Vendornya juga lumayan :)

    1. samaan mba, aku juga belum pernah dikecewain sama groupon :)

  2. I use and love Groupon. Always great deals trending there!


  3. Waaah baru denger tentang groupon ini. nanti kalo cari-cari tiket atau kupon promo kesitu aja aaaah. Hehe. Makasi infonya Lily :D

  4. Baru tahu, Boleh dicoba nih groupon :)

  5. Aku dulu dapat rekomended tentang groupon ini dari salah seorang teman yang hobby traveling, dan memang disana banyak diskon menarik untuk hotel ya. Tapi aku belum pernah coba sih...kapan2 bisa dicoba...