(ENGLISH VERSION) Happy New Year 2016 & New Features

Hello everybody, Happy New Year 2016! Hope all your 2015's resolutions have been fulfilled, and in this new year we can do our roles in family, work and societies better than before.

I hope I can be closer to Jesus and be a loving mommy and wife. I hope I can serve my family better, be more patient, smarter, tougher, to be an unbeatable and supercare mom and wife.

As a blogger, I hope I can update Glowlicious.Me regularly with useful posts for the readers:) I also hope my blog's visitors will increase but I consider it as a bonus, though. I believe with excellent posts, the visitors of this blog will come by themselves 

In this post I also want to thank you Glowlicious.Me's readers!

And also thank you for my blogger fellas, for not only being my online friends, but also for being my great friends in RL (Real Life). Friends to share anything: good times and bad times. I barely know these cool and kind beauty bloggers, but it feels like I've known them for a long time. To Roosvansia, Diandra, Putri, Amanda, Bunda Yonna, Tuty, Ola, Tya, Kania, Elni, Cindy, Dewi. Thank you guys for your support! 

And I want to tell you about some changes in Glowlicious.Me's blog.

The first one is about the categories. There are some new categories here: Family, Travel, Wellness, Blogging 101.
Hope that I will be able to update the posts regularly: not only having the increasing categories but also the posts, Amen :)

And the second one is about the language here. I want to make Glowlicious.Me's posts bilingual: in Indonesian and in Bataknese, since I'm a bataknese just kidding I mean Indonesian and English  for Bataknese stuffs you can visit "link blog tante yang sigulempong wkwkwk (?)"

Alright, I think that's all I want to tell you about. Once again, Happy New Year 2016!


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