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Hello all beautiful girls! So lately KawaiiBeautyJapan  gave me a chance to try a laser hair removal treatment at "De Hair Laser". At first i chose " Leg Laser Treatment". But knowing that it needs more than 4 hours to be done, I decided to choose "Underarms Laser Treatment" which only needs 15 mins to be done.

I chose "De Hair Laser" Mall of Indonesia so my treatment and my children's gym can be done at the same time smile emoticon After Glow and Max went into Rockstar Gym, I also went to "De Hair Laser" which is located near the Lobby 6 of MOI.

Previously I had already tried ahair removal treatment with IPL (intensed pulse light). But this time, i tried the laser treatment which is claimed to be safer, more effective and the most important is: no pain!

The receptionist was so friendly there and she gave me a registration form about our personal data, which ask our allergy and other health problem we may have. These datas are needed to decide whether the patients can do the treatment or not. I have no allergy and other health problems so I can do the laser treatment, yippie! 

I went into the laser room, which dominated with my favourite colour: purple (actually purple is the colour of "De Hair Laser" logo). The room is so tidy, clean and comfy!

Before I started the treatment, i must change my outfit to a white strapless top provided there. The therapist asked me to lie down on a bed. And then it was time to relax and enjoy!

And here are the steps of laser hair removal treatment at "De Hair Laser Hair Removal":
Step 1:
Started with shaving all the underarms' hair. When it's done, the underarms were cleaned using wet tissues.

Step 2:
The underarms were lubricated by USG gel which cools the skin.

Step 3:
The laser treatment occured about 10 mins. There was no pain or itchy feels. So comfortable! But if you feel a bit hot on your skin, you can tell the therapist so she can give your skin more gel and then the treatment can be continued.

Step 4
The underarms were cleaned again using tissues, and it's done!

After having this treatment, it is better not to swim or sunbathe under the sun in a period of 2x24hours.

They say the underarms' hair which has been lasered will grow again and some will fall off by itself permanently. It depends on the treatment frequency which is different from one another. Everyone has their own hormones which control the hair growing on their body.

So far i prefer this laser treatment to the IPL method. The laser treatment is more comfortable because there's no pain in the process. Later I will tell whether my underarms hair fall out permanently or not. Interested to try?

De Hair Laser Treatment - Under Arms Treatment

Price : IDR. 990.000

Location : 
- De-Hair Laser Hair Removal Gandaria City 
Level 2 #247C Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 
(021) 29236446. 
Open until 10:00 PM

- De-Hair Laser Hair Removal Mall of Indonesia 
Rukan Italian Walk Blok L No. 17 Kelapa Gading Square Raya, Kelapa Gading, Jl. Boulevard Barat.
(021) 29364945. 
Open until 7:00 PM

Service 9
Ambience 7
Fasilitas 7.5
Value 7

Rating 8/10

Instagram : @dehair_laser
Twitter : @dehair_jakarta

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  1. Wahhh kereenn,,,biasanya klo itu aku cukur hehe.

    1. Sama koq mba, aku juga biasanya cukur tapi klo ada acara - acara yang mengharuskan ketek kelihatan pake gaun sleeves baru deh dilaser haha