The 2014 Miss Universe Fashion Wear's National Costumes Part 1

by - 1/28/2015
Hello fashionista, pagelaran Miss Universe 2014 yang telah berlangsung di FIU Arena Miami, Amerika Serikat pada tanggal 25 January 2015 kemarin juga mengikutsertakan lomba kostum nasional dari masing - masing negara yang berpartisipasi. Tentu bagi kamu kamu penikmat fashion pasti ingin mengetahui seperti apa fashion kostum nasional yang dikenakan oleh para wanita - wanita cantik pada ajang tsb. Pada The 2014 Miss Universe Fashion Wear's National Costumes Part 1 ini kita akan menjumpai berbagai kostum national bertemakan "Warriors, Goddesses & Queens".Let's check it out here girls. Enjoy!

Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira
Dan yang meraih Best National Costumes pada ajang Miss Universe ke 64 ini adalah Putri Indonesia Elvira Devinamira dengan tema "The Chronicle of Borobudur" yang merupakan hasil karya rancangan fashion designer Indonesia "Dynand Fariz".
Indonesia is referred to as the largest archipelago in the world, comprising of approximately 13,000 islands during the rainy season and 17,000 islands in the dry season. This country is also home to more than 250 million people with hundreds of distinct native dialects and religious affiliations. 

Miss Bolivia Claudia Tavel 
In Bolivia, there is great human warmth, meaning we welcome everybody with our whole heart. We are fighters, and work to help our country grow. 

Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew

Something that I love about Thailand is that no matter where you are, even in the most modern places, our ancient culture is still prominent today. One great example of this would be our King. Our King is loved dearly by Thai people, and anything involving the King is held with the utmost respect. We still hold very traditional ceremonies for the royal family, which always makes me feel as if I've gone back in time.

Miss Gabon Maggaly Ornellia Nguema
Aside from being an oil producing county, Gabon is the home of a diverse variety of animals, flora and fauna. With 13 national parks boasting the highest biodiversity in the Congo Basin, our Lope National Park is proudly recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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Miss Angola Zuleica Wilson
Angola is a rich and beautiful country and it is continuing to develop with many tourism attractions. With the Seven Natural Wonders of Angola, I hope that more people will know about Angola's natural beauty, attract tourists and help stimulate our economy.

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Miss Ghana Abena Appiah
One interesting fact about Ghana that many people aren’t aware of is that the war against British Colonialism was led by a woman named Yaa Asantewaa, Queen of Ejisu from 1900 to 1901.  

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Miss Myanmar Sharr Htut Eaindra
Myanmar has been ruled by military law for 50 years. In recent years, Myanmar people couldn't keep in touch with people in other countries and could not get media freedom and transparency before 2013. 

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Miss Peru Jimena Espinosa
 My beautiful Peru, so full of meaning and unlimited promises.
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Miss Spain Desire Cordero Ferrer
I was raised between Cadiz and Seville. Cadiz is a joyful city. I grew up with my grandmother. I had a very happy childhood. We used to go to the beach very often because the house was close and we used to bring food and eat together in front of the sea. 
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Miss El Salvador Patricia Murillo
The wildflower of Salvadoran tourism is a 36 km-long winding trip through brightly colored colonial towns famed for lazy weekends and adventures like mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking to hidden waterfalls of the glorious Cordillera Apaneca, this is called the ‘Flower Route’ or "Ruta de las Flores."

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Miss Guam Brittany Bell
     In Guam, there was a point in history when generations were scolded for speaking in Chamoru and eventually it even stopped much of the younger generations from learning the language of their heritage. Now, there is a renaissance happening. We are U.S. citizens and a U.S. territory.

Miss Equador Alejandra Argudo
Ecuador is known as the center of the world, and in Quito, the capital, there is a monument for the middle of the world, where you can stand in both the North and the South hemisphere at the same time. Ecuador is a country full of warm, humane and hardworking people with the interest to help the citizens in our society that need it the most.

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Miss Egypt Lara Debbane
Most tourists come to visit Egypt's famous touristic areas like the Pyramids and Luxor and Aswan, yet there are many other wonderful places where tourists would see its magical traditions and people's friendliness and great hospitality. Egypt is a land of legends and mystery, each time you visit, you will discover something new to experience.

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